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Co-founded by Kartika Putri, music minister, and Angela Huckbody, parish administrator, at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Wausau, WI, U(ke) Matter is a ukulele project for the marginalized community in Wausau area.


Our project's mission is as follows:

  • to invite those who are marginalized to participate in musical experience through giving them instruments of their own and teaching them how to play simple songs

  • to create a musical community that knows no class and/or division

  • to unite people from different walks of life and turning strangers into friends through a musical experience

  • to give the marginalized population the sense of ownership and voice

  • to provide emotional support through music for the most vulnerable population


Our first action plan (ukuleles may not be given away at this time as this is only the first stepping stone):

  • as part of the Unity Project Concert on August 4, 2018, we will have a ukulele teaching booth from 2:00 - 4:30 pm

  • attendees are invited to bring their own ukulele or donate one for the cause

  • we will provide 10 ukuleles for those who do not have or bring one to use

  • in the span of 15 minutes, we will teach basic ukulele posture and three easy chords (C, F, and G)

  • we will give away "mock ukulele neck" made of cardboard for those who do not have a ukulele

  • at 4:30 pm, Kartika and Angie will close the concert with a sing-along, inviting people to play their ukuleles or follow along on their "mock ukulele neck"

  • We will schedule a song circle in a public place, such as a boat landing, inviting the participants of our teaching booth


We will re-assess our further plans based on the response from our first venue. 


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